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How it works

Introducing the system to your lunchtime will guarantee a smoother running of the dinner service and increased probability and reduction in waste. It is simple and easy to run.

Step one

Choose a band colour for each of your lunchtime options

The popular colour choices are red for meat, green for vegetarian, blue for deli option or second menu option, yellow for a jacket potato. Look back historically at how many each day you usually sell to give you an idea of the number of bands you will require – add up to 20% of each colour for busier and popular days.

Step two

Colour code your menu

Choose coloured boxes or text so pupils can make their choice. Send the menu out to all parents and to all classroom teachers. Sending information out to parents can make a big difference to your uptake, it will give them peace of mind that their child will receive a lunch they will enjoy every day.

Step three

Explain the process to teachers

Children will choose their meal in morning reception, as they choose they are given a band to wear until lunchtime. Teachers will add up how many pupils want each dish and take this information to the kitchen or to the office for collation. Kitchen staff will then make the meals according to the choices and will ensure there are a few spare dishes in case of emergencies.

Step four

Collect the wristbands ready for the next day

Dining room staff or kitchen staff will retrieve the bands as children receive their preferred choice as indicated by their band. The bands can then be washed and sterilised and stored safely for use the following day.

Effective promoting of the service from the onset will ensure the system is implemented quickly and easily. Parents will be delighted that their child will have a meal that will eat and enjoy every day, saving them time and expense of making a packed lunch. For help with promotion please visit our support page.

Wristbands for other uses

We supply printed bands for multiple uses throughout the school day or year. Bands are an effective way to promote events around the school and for safety for events outside the school day.

School Trip Wristbands

If printed with the school name and contact point, the bands provide a safety mechanism for your pupils.

Educational Wristbands

Spelling, multiplication etc. Use this as an aide memoire. Your pupils simply learn the messages on the bands.

Rewards Wristbands

Why not use them for student of the week or reader of the week? There are many ways you can reward children for good behaviour.

School Events Wristbands

The reusable nature of the bands means that you never have to print tickets ever again.

Sports Day Wristbands

Reward sporting performance with a coloured band. Children are used to wearing bands at sporting events.

Identification Wristbands

Use the bands to identify the children at school clubs or when the school has a visitor.

Caring For Your Bands

We supply quality bands that are durable and made of 100% silicone. They are tried and tested for everyday use. 100s of schools across the country are using our bands and more importantly they come back for more.

The bands should be washed in soapy water on a regular basis and can be placed in streriliser sinks or a dishwasher. The bands can then be air dried and stored ready for the next use.

Ready to start your Lunchtime Wristbands

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